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Dec 3, 2021

I'm announcing shows! Real live in-person solo shows! Hit my tour page to see what's the what XOXO.


Nov 9, 2021

Back in August I went into the Studio with a smashing band and recorded some of the tunes from "Everything at the Same Time" Live and off the floor at Dream Date Studio in Toronto Ontario. Today I'm releasing the performance of "I can't always be there" a tune that means so much to me.

The great artist Johanna Reynolds recently told me that "I can't always be there" is a "Memory in Song". I couldn't have put it better. I wrote it one morning last September after dropping my 4 year old off on his second day of school. 

After that very emotional drop off, I was thinking about how much of parenting, how much of life actually, is a process of letting go, of knowing that while we’d like to be, we can’t and won't always be there. It’s painful, but also that’s just the way of things and makes me want to hold on for dear life. 

I hope my kids don’t really “hear” this song for awhile - that they don’t digest what it truly means...but that when they do they feel the complexity of emotions and my deep love within these lyrics. With thanks to Britt Farhat and Joshua Van Tassel for capturing this song so beautifully, and to my dear friend Steve Zsirai for playing along. I hope it means something to you, that it gives you some feelings, or brings some loving memory to the surface. 

xo CMB

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"Everything at the Same Time" available now!

Caroline Marie Brooks' debut solo album is available now wherever you listen to music!

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September 24, 2021

Hello Friends.

My album “Everything at the Same Time” is out today. You can find the music and share with your friends and family by clicking HERE.

These songs are coming to you straight from my heart; the words and melodies poured out of me, mostly within the last 18 months, and one squeaked in over the finishing line as we were finalizing the album last spring. 

I want to give a huge tip of the hat to my friend and long-time collaborator Jim Bryson, who with gentle guidance and openness (and some extra compromise on his side) helped me make the record that I wanted. It sounds more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, due largely to Jim’s ears and ideas and patience with me. I mean I was patient with him too, but he waited it out while I came to sounds and ideas in my own time, as I made him go back in and edit sounds that weren't working for me, and as I asked him to make me yet another of his incredible coffees whenever I needed it (which was often.) It was such a beautiful and fulfilling experience to make this record with Jim, and I’ll be grateful always. 

Aside from music I am revelling in my children being back at school and sneaking away to my big garden up north as often as I can. Harvest is ongoing and a constant miracle. My grandparents live nearby in town and I love visiting with them and hearing their stories over tea and cookies or whatever my 92 year old grandmother has managed to whip up. They do this thing where they talk about people that I don’t know by first name, as if I’m on the up and up with the locals. It’s so sweet. 

I love that I planted seeds in the late winter and that they’re now plants heavy with fruit, ready for canning and preserving. Gardening and music are much the same to me; a miracle and a comfort. And also sobering when the record cycle is over and winter comes. But less of that now. 

Stay tuned and thanks for listening, always. 


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