A lifelong musician and creator, Brooks is perhaps best-known as a member of heralded folk/country harmony trio Good Lovelies, though she’s also lent her singing and six-string talents to friends like Jim Bryson, Jill Barber, Kathleen Edwards, and Peter Katz on projects of their own. 

Most recently, she’s been penning and producing new songs for herself, drawing inspiration from her upbringing in a close-knit, creative family and from the one she now shares with her husband and two children. 

“I’ve been trying to capture that warm and nostalgic Sunday afternoon feeling in my writing lately,” offers Brooks, noting how the various facets of her identity – mother, partner, music-maker, environmental advocate, and community-builder – are intertwined and inextricable from one another. 

It’s particularly rewarding when her art and advocacy unite in harmony – something she knows a thing or two about – as is the case with her seat on the board of directors for the iconic Mariposa Folk Festival, as well as some of Good Lovelies’ collective ambitions. 

“The three of us have always been very conscious of our impact on the environment with our touring, our merchandise, and things like that,” she says. “The Good Lovelies Forest is an extension of that – a way we can offset our footprint and make a tangible difference.” As part of the new initiative, Brooks and bandmates Kerri Ough and Sue Passmore have committed to planting thousands of trees on a cleared lot in Northern Ontario, and are dedicating proceeds from their recent and future performances to do it. 

There’s always plenty on the horizon for this passionate and progressive creator and community organizer, and whether it’s good music, good deeds, or simply a good idea, it’s playing at least a small part in making things a little better and brighter for everybody.



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